Thursday, 25 December 2008

Can happiness be bought?

Can happiness be bought? To find out, author Benjamin Wallace sampled the world's most expensive products, including a bottle of 1947 Chateau Cheval Blanc, 8 ounces of Kobe beef and the fabled (notorious) Kopi Luwak coffee. His critique may surprise you.

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Exploring the frontiers of happiness (TED)

Dan Gilbert presents research and data from his exploration of happiness -- sharing some surprising tests and experiments that you can also try on yourself. Watch through to the end for a sparkling Q&A with some familiar TED faces.

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Saturday, 23 June 2007

Ergonomic Tips for Computer Users

Ergonomic Tips for Computer Users Ergonomics: Study of how people physically interact with their work – fitting the job, the equipment and the work environment to the worker.

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Saturday, 5 May 2007

Traditional Meditation vs. Technical Meditation

A combination of 2D and 3D animation about the difference between Normal meditation and meditation when common technology is involved. A video by Aaron Lenard.

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Friday, 20 April 2007

Rick Warren: Living a life of purpose

Pastor, philanthropist and author Rick Warren reflects on how the success of his book The Purpose-Driven Life triggered his own crisis of purpose. What should he do with this unanticipated wealth and attention? Warren uses his own story to explain the central tenet of his teaching: that the antidote to spiritual emptiness is recognizing what we have been given -- wealth, creativity, talent -- and using those gifts to make the world a better place.

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Wellness and Health in the News

To watch current and old video clips of "Technology" in the news go to

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Learning from spaghetti sauce

Malcolm Gladwell is the best-selling author of "The Tipping Point" and "Blink". In this talk, filmed at TED2004, he explains what every business can learn from spaghetti sauce. (Recorded February 2004 in Monterey, CA. Duration: 18:15)

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Thursday, 19 April 2007


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Get Your Kids to Eat Right

Keeping Kids Healthy: Get Your Kids to Eat Right
How do you get your kids to eat right when you're not around to supervise them!? Is there really a way to get them to like and choose healthy food, even when you're not there? The answer is YES - and on this episode of Keeping Kids Healthy, we'll show you how!

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Addressing Childhood Obesity

You will need to visit the website to view this presentation.

Obesity is no longer just an epidemic in the adult population. The rising rate of childhood obesity has also become a major concern for ... all » the medical community. Stanford’s Assistant Professor of Pediatrics and Medicine, Dr. Thomas Robinson, examines the health and societal problems children face, as well as possible solutions currently being studied to keep kids fit and happy. - ResearchChannel is a nonprofit media and technology organization that connects a global audience with the research and academic institutions whose developments, insights and discoveries affect our lives and futures.

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Combat Childhood Obesity

U.S. Department of Health & Human Services Partners with Ad Council and DreamWorks to Combat Childhood Obesity

For more information about the Childhood Obesity Prevention campaign, and to learn how kids and adults can lead a healthier lifestyle, log onto

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Health Tips (PowerPoint)

Hai Friends Here it is some health Tips which you can practice in your Daily life ... Remember Health is the Wealth ... So Keep it in your mind

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Children's Environmental Health (PowerPoint)

Children's Environmental Health
Why should we be interested? America’s Children and the Environment (2000, 2003) Measures of Contaminants, Body Burdens, and Illnesses Children in the New Millennium: Environmental Impact on Health “Environmental quality is one of the key factors in determining whether a child survives the first years of life. A healthy future for our children will be ensured only through safeguarding the environment.

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Wednesday, 18 April 2007

Eva Vertes looks to the future of medicine

When thinking about cancer, Eva Vertes dares to be different. The Princeton undergrad -- only 19 when she gave this talk -- is asking new, important questions about cancer (could it be caused by the body's own repair system going awry?), using cutting-edge techniques and classic critical thinking to pursue a cure.
In her inspiring talk, she shares her own story of the people in her life who inspired her to devote her life to medicine.

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Carl Honore praises slowness

Speed, notes journalist and author Carl Honore, has become a combining form: speed dialing, speed reading, speed walking, even speed dating. Modern life is stuck on fast-forward to such an extent, he notes, quoting Postcards from the Edge, that "even instant gratification takes too long."
But there's a backlash brewing, he says, as everyday people start putting the brakes on. He concludes with the results of his own attempt to get in touch with his "inner tortoise."

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Larry Brilliant: Help stop the next pandemic

Accepting his 2006 TED Prize, Dr. Larry Brilliant talks about how smallpox was finally eradicated from the planet. In a conversational style that belies the deadly seriousness of his subject, he describes the dangers of pandemic disease, and offers a solution in his dramatic TED Prize wish, a plan to use the Internet to help prevent the next pandemic. (Contains strong images.)

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Dean Ornish on the world's killer diet

In a sobering 3-minute talk, Dr. Dean Ornish tracks the dramatic spread of obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease around the globe -- as people outside the US start to eat, live and die like Americans do.
"This may be the first generation in which our kids live a shorter lifespan than we do," Ornish says. The good news? These trends are preventable and even reversible through diet and exercise.

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Why we age and how we can avoid it

Why we age and how we can avoid it ...
In a shocking challenge to conventional wisdom, Cambridge researcher Aubrey de Grey argues that the process of aging is merely a disease -- and a curable one at that. De Grey, a computer scientist and biogerontologist, believes humans could live for centuries, if only we approach the aging process as "an engineering problem."
He outlines the seven basic ways people age, and how to "solve" each one. And if we get to work now, he says, humans alive today could live to be 1,000.

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Happiness is a Voyage (PowerPoint)

Just 6 slides.....but a great message.

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12 Ways to be Happy (PowerPoint)

You think Happy is not easy, you are in the deepest sadness, and you have nothing can make you smile. Read thru this presentation to get back your happiness!

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Wellness: Body & Mind (Videos/PPoints)

This page showcases videos and PowerPoint presentations that are available to help with teaching and learning about Wellness, Mind, Body and Health ... I hope this collection saves you some time.

There are some areas on the Shambles website that list free resources and links to help with the teaching and learning aspects of Wellness.

| The School Nurse | Health and Safety |
| Health and Safety (ICT) | Mental Heath |

This page is part of the Shambles "Forest of Theme Blogs" pages that provide videos and other multimedia resources to support a variety of topics.
If you would like to see all of the Theme Blogs then go to the full list at
The Shambles Forest of Theme Blogs

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